The French Elegance in the Yukon Wilderness

We had such a relaxing time at Takhini Lodge. We felt so lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of the Lodge and the lands around. Furnished with an artist's eye, the entire Lodge was a visual delight. We can't say enough about our hosts. Christiane's cooking in her open kitchen was fantastic and Jean-Marc helped us in every way.   Joan & Mel

Moonlight influence on Aurora viewing

Ideal viewing time is approximately from 7 days prior to New Moon and until 7 days after New Moon. While some people may be concerned that a full moon is a problem, only weak aurora may be affected by the light of the moon. The moon does not influence the aurora activity, the sky is just darker.

Northern lights can be photographed during all stages of the moon’s presence. Below are some pros and cons to both:

  • Moonlights brightens the sky, and thereby minimizes the intensity of the Northern lights.
  • Moonlights illuminates the foreground landscape, offering interesting compositional elements in your frame.
  • Moonlight make the sky as a deep blue, moonless will make it pitch black.
  • A snowy landscape that reflect the Aurora can provide just enough light in completely dark night to light a little bit the foreground.
  • Moonless nights offer the possibility of extended exposures enhancing start trails and Milky way. Weak or slow moving Northern lights offer as well the opportunities for long exposures.

New Moon Dates:
2013 - January 11, February 10, March 11, April 10, September 05, October 05, November 03, December 03, December 31
2014 - January 30, March 01, March 30, April 29, September 23, October 23, November 22, December 22

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