Around the Lodge by Dogsled

You will meet Rohn, Joseph and Takotna Yukon Quest and Iditarod Veterans and the other 17 dogs of "Can I Mush? Kennel". Our friendly Alaskan Huskies will be happy to show you how much they like running! You will get all the explanation about dog mushing and if you feel comfortable you will help to harness and hook them up to the sled. You will go for a ride on our two passengers sled and get the exciting feeling to be pulled by 5 to 8 powerful dogs!

Price & Conditions

"Can I Mush? Kennel" is Takhini River Lodge's sleddog Kennel. Christiane and Jean-Marc, Takhini River Lodge owners, started dogmushing when they moved from France to the Yukon in 2007.

From where does the kennel name come from? "Can I" has the exact same pronunciation that  "Canaille" the French word.  There is no direct translation from French to English. The closest meaning of "Canaille" would be "blackguard" or "unprincipled scoundrel".
Duration: 1hour 15minutes
Group size: min. 2 persons
Rate: 75 CAD + taxes /per person

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